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The Herb Lady

Biblical Herbs
By Nadine Johnson

I have been given a small plastic box containing 12 herbs of the Bible. They are all in the form of seed or powder. They are all in tiny glass bottles. I don’t plan to ever break the seals.

Here is the list:
• Coriander (aka cilantro) - Exodus 16:31,
Numbers 11:17
• Cinnamon - Isaiah 28:25
• Dill - Matthew 23:23
• Mint (peppermint) - Luke 11:42
• Frankincense - Exodus 30-34, Song of Solomon 3:6, Matthew 2:11
• Garlic - Numbers 11:15
• Marjoram - Leviticus 14:4
• Olive Leaf - Isaiah 17:6, Micah 6:15
• Sage - Exodus 37:17
• Almond - Genesis 43:11, Numbers 17:8
• Flaxseed - Exodus 9:31
• Fig leaves - Nehemiah 13:15, Jeremiah 24:1-3

That’s all that is on my list, but that is far from the complete list. Here is one of my favorite stories:
“Following Jesus’ birth, Joseph and Mary had to flee Jerusalem. They did so with Mary holding Jesus and riding on a donkey.
“The first night on this journey Mary’s white cloak was spread over a rosemary bush which had blue flowers. When they awoke the next morning, her cloak was the color of the flowers – blue.”
That’s the end of that story. However, I have always wondered if Jesus ever needed a switching. I suspect he did. After all, he was a boy and boys will be boys. Perhaps Mary had a peach tree which provided excellent switches. My mother had one and my little legs felt the sting of the peach tree switch more than once. Girls will be girls, also.
When Mother used her switch, she always remarked, “This hurts me as much as it hurts you.” When my children received a switching, I made the same remark.
It’s advisable to apply this rule – SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD. I once heard Montgomery’s first pediatrician make this remark at a PTA meeting. He was using a very positive voice.
I’ll end this story with a question: How on earth did I connect 12 biblical herbs with a peach tree switching?

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