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The Herb Lady


By: Nadine Johnson

I believe that the most dreaded health complication on Earth is Alzheimer’s. Once you get this, you cannot get rid of it. I’m not even sure you can avoid having the problem ‒ BUT YOU CAN TRY. Some years ago, a friend gave me the following information. When it was determined that her mother was afflicted with the ailment, they began this treatment.

3 Advil AM and PM

1Phosphatidyl Serine daily

1,000 I.U. vitamin E daily

A good vitamin/mineral supplement

Blue-green algae

There is a product called Brain Protex I would recommend for those who feel they are candidates for this dread disease. It contains Huperzine A, ginkgo biloba leaves, soybean lecithin complex, lycopene, alpha lipoic acid and rhododendron caucasium root extract. It also has added CoQ10. This is highly recommended by someone much smarter than I am. Personally, I take lecithin daily.

Lecithin is any of several compounds found in nerve tissue, blood, egg yolk, soybean, corn, etc. It is used in medicines, foods, cosmetics, etc. When you spray your pan with Pam, you are spraying with lecithin.

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid and a component of the cell membrane. It plays a key role in cell signaling, specifically in relation to apoptosis. It is a pathway for viruses to enter through cell apoptotic signaling. (Some of my readers might understand this statement ‒ but, frankly, I do not. However, I have taken my lecithin daily for a good many years and I plan to continue to do so.)

When I have my annual physical, my doctor does many tests. When completed, he looks at me, kind of shakes his head and remarks, “Nothing is wrong. Everything is fine.”

I do have one health problem. There is apparently no cartilage remaining in my knees. They only cause pain when I walk. I gain much relief by using a rolling walker.

That’s enough for this time.

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