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Product Spotlight

Horizon Mare and Foal Feeds

Choosing the best nutrition program for your gestating or lactating mare is very important to delivering the optimum levels of protein, energy, macrominerals, microminerals and prenatal vitamins. Selecting the best nutrition program for your young foals is equally important.

Mares require higher levels of protein and energy during early gestation. These requirements increase dramatically in late gestation and during lactation. High levels of vitamins and minerals are vitally important for their physiological processes.

Foals require higher protein levels to help them grow frame and muscle.

Horizon Mare and Foal feeds are formulated to deliver the quality protein, energy, vitamins, minerals and chelated trace minerals for these different phases of production. We also add GHP2 gut health pack to bind toxins that naturally occur in forages and make our feed safer.

Mare and Foal 14 is a cost-effective choice to work with your forages to give your mares and foals the added nutrition they need for peak performance.






Zinc177 ppm

Copper48 ppm

Vitamin A8,500 IU/lb

Vitamin D1,500 IU/lb

Vitamin E32 IU/lb

Mare and Foal 16 is formulated for maximum performance. Higher protein and energy levels, enhanced vitamin/mineral levels and chelated trace minerals ensure the optimum growth, lactation and reproductive performance you desire.






Zinc919 ppm

Copper100 ppm

Vitamin A6,000 IU/lb

Vitamin D1,000 IU/lb

Vitamin E100 IU/lb

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